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Is foot pain keeping you down? Can you not bend to cut your toenails or find that they are too thick to cut with regular clippers? Are you a diabetic? If you identify with any of these problems, please drop by Easy Feet on Front Street in Historic Downtown Winona. Come see Mr. Ken RN and make him happy. Remember, Walk in despair, walk out on air.

 Welcome to Easy Feet. This is the place where your feet are the primary focus. From the athlete with a hard to fit foot, to the person who cannot bend over to perform there own nail care, Easy Feet is here for you.

Foot Pain beware. Mr. Ken RN is on the scene. As a home health nurse, I realized that there is a real need for helping patients alleviate foot pain and receive proper foot and nail care. That is why I had to start this business of taking care of the feet. If your feet are happy then you will be too. 

Fit Feet Equal Happy Feet. As a Shoe Fitter, Certified Pedorthist and Certified Foot Care Nurse, I understand the components and function of shoes and biomechanics as it pertains to the anatomy and physiology of the foot and ankle.  I understand the importance of prevention, education and intervention as it pertains to our PVD, Diabetic and Rheumatoid Arthritis population.  I am an RN, BSN with 11 years of experience in the ER, ICU, Med-surg, Case Management and Home Health areas.  It is my goal to prevent ulcers and amputations in diabetics through routine foot care, education and proper footwear.  I will curb the adverse effects of edema as it relates to CHF, Stasis Ulcers and the Lymphatic system by encouraging the use of compression hosiery and circulatory examinations.   

Pain and Compression: I am very excited about alleviating foot pain by providing comfortable footwear that is biomechanically appropriate for the patient. I will provide Lynco shoe inlays that vary in function from over pronation compensation to offloading pressure to the metatarsal head area to treat metatarsalgia or pressure relief from a foot ulcer.  I will curb the adverse effects of edema as it relates to CHF, Stasis Ulcers and the Lymphatic system by providing custom fit compression socks and garments by Juzo(best brand). Compression will not be provided for patients with compromised arterial circulation.

Foot exams/DM Foot care/Diabetic shoes/Shoe fitting aides/Compression Socks and Garments/Custom Orthotics and AFO braces/Shoes, Shoes and more Shoes

·         Circulatory and neuropathy exams

·         Thick nail reduction pedicures

·         Corn/callus removal

·         Diabetic shoes by Aetrex, Dr. Comfort, Propet', Orthofeet and Apis/ Running and walking shoes by Asics and Brooks

·         Lynco orthotic shoe inlays for pain alleviation and proper biomechanical function.

·         Shoe fitting aides and accomodative orthotics for pain alleviation due to plantar fasciitis/ ball of foot pain/ heel pain/ collapsed arch/ over pronation or supination/ corns/ calluses/ hammer or claw toe/ Hallux valgus/ plantar warts.

·         Compression therapy by Juzo for leg swelling/ varicose veins/ stasis ulcer prevention/ up on feet all day.